Set in the underbelly of Houston’s infrastructure, Emme (Melissa Ann Taylor) and her boyfriend Kyle (Stefan Scott) set out to sell their car in an effort to relieve their financial struggles. When a mysterious buyer, J (Shaquille Mathurin), requests a test drive to an undisclosed location where he had apparently buried the money, Emme begins to notice an odd tension between the two men.

Runtime: 15:16

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Conflict No.1

The perspective is placed where the realities of the internal bleeds into the external. To what extent can he influence his internalized reality when it begins to merge with the external world? The two versions of his own identity comes to violent interactions when he seeks to be truly one.

Written and directed by Toshiki Yashiro

Grand Prize Winner at MFA Boston Film Festival


Conflict No.2

Anthological sequel to Conflict No.1

Freddie faces his disconnected identity.